i’m not alone

Commissions can be both thrilling and extremely daunting as an artist. You are given the responsibility of bringing to fruition someone else’s vision. Sometimes that vision can be extremely specific and other times very loose. My latest painting was commissioned by a talented female theatre director around town, some one who lives and breathes art, … More i’m not alone

Neon Love

Newest painting is a neon inspired still life of one of my favorite flowers ever…Ranunculus! It is 16 x 20 on canvas board and incorporates some ikat pattern on stripes…another fave!

Train Sleeping

I’ve been a little scattered lately. The multi-tasking mom/artist zone I inhabit is a little muddy. Perhaps it is the perpetual rain in Chicago and the fact that Spring is most certainly upon us. As the rain pours down, the grass is getting greener, the air is getting a little less chilly, and a menagerie … More Train Sleeping

Throwback Time

Spring is upon us in Chicago (hooray!) and we just got back from Mom and Dad’s lovely Easter brunch.    Our contribution was homemade waffles and our simple maple syrup bacon that is featured in the post, Saturday Morning Breakfast.   I just upgraded to a digital SLR camera for taking better photos of my art…the … More Throwback Time

Fairy Garden Mural

We have been meaning to make this mural happen for a while now. Each house Derek and I lived in I have christened with some hand drawn wall art. Even before kids came along I spruced up the dingy back wall of our neighbor’s garage as it was flush to our backyard deck.  I added … More Fairy Garden Mural

Art With Heart

The girls and I have spent a week of baking cookies, breads, cupcakes and crafting in anticipation for today’s loveliness. Last Friday we dressed up our front door with a little V-Day flare…a lovely fabric heart which you can see here! When thinking about what I wanted to write about this week, it occurred to me … More Art With Heart