Back At It

Hello friends…it’s been a while. Lots of changes since I last posted in Spring. I have a new little girl…Violet! She is the sweetest baby and we are all in love. Juggling life with three kiddos under 7 has been a little hectic to say the least…both lovely and overwhelming at the same time. The big girls are in school now most of the day and the baby is on a regular nap schedule. So here I am showing up…to do the work and push my little art business forward. My Art goals for 2016 include cleaning up my website so stay tuned! Also, I have been revamping my home studio and am loving it! Here’s a little peak into the space and what I’ve been working on lately. Happy New Year everyone. May 2016 bring us all fresh perspective!

A corner of my Art Studio
Once my husband’s home office desk…now my art desk!
A little shelf I picked up from Target to house my supplies in mason jars. Also…odds and ends that inspire me:)
I am, very much at the moment, into the simplicity of Black and White watercolor.
Abstracts and Feathers!



2 thoughts on “Back At It

  1. I adore your black and white watercolor feathers Mary! And your studio is kickin’. Glad you’re finally able to come up for breath from baby lovin’ ! She is dear. And I know the baby trenches can take a bit out of you.
    Love ya’ much,

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