New Watercolor Paintings

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Spring is upon us in Chicago! The days are creeping up to 50 degrees, the snow is melting and my daffodils are poking through the ground. The days are lighter in the evening and you can hear birds chirping! How I love the change of seasons…especially out of winter’s long, dark days.

I notice each season how the direction of my art changes as well. Previous summers, I’ve  worked on extremely colorful, graffiti inspired abstracts…last winter I did a lot of large scale florals, with moody dark backgrounds and thick layering of paint. Lately I’ve been using a lot of watercolor…something I haven’t picked up in well, a decade! No joke. The organic, unexpected nature of watercolor with it’s bleeding and soft layering are speaking to me right now. Perhaps it’s, again, the change of season and light. Perhaps it’s the baby in my belly, rolling and kicking up a storm, preparing to show her face in 8 weeks! Whatever the reason, I am loving the blurry, natural, soft and earthy quality I am getting from working with watercolor. Here are some recent watercolor paintings I’ve done. You can find some originals still available in my Etsy shop! Happy beginning of Spring friends!

B&WMountainRangeWM SingleArrowWM CrissCrossArrowWM TwoMountainPicStaged TwoArrowsWMDSC_0811DSC_0802

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