Love You Like the Stars Above

I am so thrilled to have my mini botanical paintings featured in this dreamy Valentine’s inspired wedding shoot on Storyboard Wedding! My dear friend Jessica Davis of Soulflowers in Tennessee invited me to collaborate on this gorgeous themed wedding. Taken from the Dire Straits song, Romeo and Juliet, “Love You Like the Stars Above” was the theme. The colors were to be lush pinks and reds, moody dark blues and amethyst with celestial golds. The result…blew me away. My mini canvases of hot pink and red roses are featured at the tables as decor and wedding favors for the gifts. And now I have some at my Etsy shop for sale! Check out the wedding here friends and I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s weekend!

*Photos pulled from the Storyboard Wedding blog post are taken by the talented Amy Nicole Photography.Starry_Night_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Amy_Nicole_Photography_3-h Starry_Night_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Amy_Nicole_Photography_21-lv Starry_Night_Valentines_Day_Wedding_Amy_Nicole_Photography_22-v

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