Part 2: December 2014 Sketch-A-Day

Here are both Holiday themed sketches I did for my 2014 Sketch-A-Day series in December, as well as some of my more abstract drawings…

IMG_2485-2 IMG_2513-2 IMG_2647-2 IMG_2753-2 IMG_2854-2 IMG_2891-2 IMG_2866-2 IMG_2932-2 IMG_2652-2 IMG_2492-2 IMG_2730-2 IMG_2689-2 IMG_2815-2 IMG_2563-2 IMG_2925-2 IMG_2939-2 IMG_2962-2 IMG_2978-2 IMG_2775-2 IMG_2686-2 IMG_2661-2 IMG_2605-2 IMG_2583-2 IMG_2607-2 IMG_2589-2 IMG_2786-2 IMG_2885-2 IMG_2863-2 IMG_2844-2 IMG_2507-2 IMG_2517-2 IMG_2586-2

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