Part 1: December 2014 Sketch-A-Day

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Happy 2015! I have lots of sketches from the end of my 2014 Sketch-A-Day series that you can see in the next few blog posts. I had gotten behind and had to play catch up before the year came to an end so there are a whole LOT of December sketches! Part 1 is twenty or so of my more figurative sketches…including a couple self portraits, a portrait of my husband and daughter and a few of our sweet French Lop rabbit, Olaf, who sadly passed away at the start of the new year. I have these drawings to remember each day of this past year, thank goodness…a year that had brought our bunny to us, and the wonderful news that we are expecting another little girl. We were able to have so many adventures here in Chicago, as well as visiting friends in Tennessee and family in Boston and Dallas. Each drawing represents a piece of this past year’s journey, and I am SO happy I did it. Plus the practice…oh, the practice! I drew accordingly to how I was feeling so some drawings are detailed and more realistic, while others are sketchy and abstract.  I had so much fun posting them to instagram daily. And some are now available at my Etsy shop. Here’s Part 1…Enjoy!

IMG_2942-2 IMG_2959-2 IMG_2970-2 IMG_2830-2 IMG_2847-3 IMG_2930-2 IMG_2581-3 IMG_2827-2 IMG_2534-2 IMG_2503-2 IMG_2529-2 IMG_2576-2 IMG_2683-2 IMG_2663-2 IMG_2668-2 IMG_2558-2 IMG_2497-2 IMG_2823-2 IMG_2841-2 IMG_2819-2

3 thoughts on “Part 1: December 2014 Sketch-A-Day

  1. I love your drawing style! There’s so much character combined with skill. I’m sorry you lost Olaf. Here’s to new beginnings with your new little one!

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