Sketch Mania

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Ah, so here I am in my sketch-a-day project for 2014 recognizing my original fear…that I would get too far behind! Yet I am nothing, if not determined. I set goals and work to accomplish them…tirelessly. I WILL finish it haha!

So how far behind did I get? At this point I believe I have to draw three sketches a day in order to complete 365 by the end of the day on December 31st. Not a hugely monumental task…but sometimes feels daunting when I am finishing commissioned projects, my own paintings and holding down the house with two young kids.

Oh…and I am pregnant! Almost 18 weeks now…which I think explains my lack of energy in completing sketches for weeks. The first trimester was abysmal…every ounce of energy I had was given to completing assigned projects and making sure my children were clothed and fed. My energy and creativity have returned, though, and I am ready to sketch onward and upward. Plus, I have several exciting projects ahead! Here are a whole bunch of sketches from October and November. You will see some themes popping up, no doubt. You can follow my sketch-a-day series here on instagram. And I’ve also started listing some original drawings for sale at my Etsy shop! Enjoy and always, thanks for visiting!

IMG_1904-2 IMG_1906-2 IMG_1909-2 IMG_1914-2 IMG_1961-2 IMG_1963-2 IMG_1969-2 IMG_2001-2 IMG_2129-2 IMG_2162-2 IMG_2263-2 IMG_2267-2 IMG_2272-2 IMG_2289-2 IMG_2299-2 IMG_2300-2 IMG_2302-2 IMG_2306-2 IMG_2311-2 IMG_2314-2 IMG_2319-2 IMG_2322-2 IMG_2329-2 IMG_2332-2 IMG_2347-2 IMG_2350-2 IMG_2358-2 IMG_2362-2 IMG_2370-2 IMG_2393-2 IMG_2398-2 IMG_2419-2 IMG_2451-2 IMG_2455-2 IMG_2459-2