Autumn Sketches

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We are well into Autumn in Chicago now. Our finest two months are September and October…the crisp air, the golden light, the changing color of the trees. I got married in the month of October…nine years ago. The day was 75 degrees and sunny with a light breeze. My sketch a day series has followed suit with the changing of seasons…cups of coffee, sketches of boots and melancholy portraits. I’ve found it harder to draw at night too. The days are getting shorter and I find myself wanting to go to bed when the sun does. So…starting today, I decided to flip my schedule and do my sketches in the morning. I am giving you a lot of drawings today as September found me focusing on commissions and the children’s back-to-school schedule. Enjoy friends!Sunflower UpwardSquiggle Tie Nina Stringabstract Coffee Boot Gladiolas SelfNoir AsianGirl Lawyergirl UM Abstract AbstractFlower Circleabstract Curves TennesseeBouquet Croissant BraidWoman LittleBoy Stripes FlowerCircle Boots Tree WhiteRabbit FlyingBirds

3 thoughts on “Autumn Sketches

  1. Seriously gorgeous autumn sketches! Thanks for sharing all these in one place. I especially love the portraits, coffee and the simplicity of the bunny and birds at the end:)

  2. These are great! I LOVE the floral sketches! Morning sketching instead of night sketching is a wonderful idea…I might have to try that too. I also have been feeling the sleepiness come on earlier then normal lately too. It makes it harder to want to get out the sketch book. =)

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