And Summer Ends…

Wow…while I have not posted here in a while, my sketch-a-day project has continued and perhaps will give you a little glance into our short but absolutely magical summer. It was full of roadtrips, day trips, beach and pool days, rainy movie nights, sleepovers with cousins and staying up late catching fireflies. The garden is wild and full and the house is a whirlwind of bathing suits, sand, toys and art, but in just 6 days we will be back to the routine of school. And with that my art business will be back into full swing. I give you a whole bunch of summer’s sketches…enjoy these August days friends.

AbstractDude AbstractLines BeardedMan BigLips Binoculars BlowingFleur Bridge Bullseye ColorHills Colors Coneflowers CoolDude DrawMore EightiesPattern FlowerBunch FlowersinJar Girl Grace GrapeAbstract GreenEye Independence MaeveProfile MamaDrama NeonLotus Nose OrangeLotus PaintbrushMason PaintedAbstract Penlotus serenity Succulent SunburstPyramid TastyBeverage telephone Tricircle WaffleFries

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