Wes Anderson Instagram Project

I can not believe that July is half way over…the summer is racing by. I thought I’d share the pics I took in late June as part of the Wes Anderson Instagram Foliophoto project. Sandra Harris from Raincoast Creative Salon and Christie Jones from Bedsidesign regularly post these awesome challenges with daily prompts to gather a community of creatives together. The prompts are always challenging in the best way possible. I love me some Wes Anderson! His films ooze mood, color, humor and style. They are truly a feast for the eyes. I was inspired by the easy breeziness that comes with summer and my children’s thrill for adventure. My girls were awesome sports…really embracing their crazy artist mom’s ideas. And I think it shows. Another challenge will come along soon, no doubt. To follow along on instagram click on and hashtag your pictures with #foliophoto. Here you go…7 days of Wes Anderson inspired photos…

Day 1: Symmetry
Day 2: Nostalgia
Day 3: Boat
Day 4: Overhead Shot
Day 5: Family
Day 6: Saturation
Day 7: Futura Font

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