More Making in March

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The last two weeks were filled with birthday tea party fun for my now 6 year old. You’ll see some elements of this in my sketch a day series. What has become clear, for a while now, is that whether I am working on a larger painting or a sketch, I go back and forth between styles. If I have been meticulously painting details on colorful flowers all day, my sketch is usually geometric in nature or an abstract black and white. If painting a boldly colored loose abstract, my sketch will be a tightly drawn person or object. This feels balanced to me, like I can’t let one practice overtake the other. The abstracts are balancing the figurative work, thus a duality in my art. This is good to note as I sometimes agonize over the idea of having recognizable work or a signature style. I may or may not have a fluid through line in my body of work yet, but I do see patterns.


Lone balloon after the party


The cute chunky sparrow that sits outside the window of the track where I run. Every day she’s there.


My favorite pastry…a blueberry tart!

Color Shapes-2 Constellation-2 DiamondArrow-2 Floral-2


Limoges luggage that sits on my desk


My little girl at 1 years old, wearing her beloved peapod hat. She turned 6 on Wednesday.


A marker version of my painting, Capture The Moon.

Pyramid-2 Shapes-2


Some days simple stars are all I want to draw.


Teacup for the tea party we threw last Saturday!