March in Sketches

71 days into sketching and I can definitely attest to the power of Routine. My sketching habitually takes place at night, after the kids are asleep. The telly may or may not be on. I may be drinking a glass of wine or having some tea. Sometimes I sketch in bed right before I fall asleep. After, of course, capturing a picture of it and instagramming! That is as much a part of the process as the actual drawing. I’ve been playing around with frames and filters on my phone quite a bit. It’s like a speed version of digital mixed with hand drawn art. I really enjoy the editing process. You’ll see some of that here. The first 13 sketches of March 2014…

photo-1-2 photo-2-2 photo-3-2 photo-4-2 photo-5-2 photo-6-2 photo-7 photo-8-2 photo-9-2 photo-10 photo-11-2 photo-12-2 photo-14

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