February Sketch Wrap up

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February is finished and in Chicago, unfortunately, the snow continues to fall. While it is so pretty, these winters get tiresome and draining on one’s creative spirit. So I try to focus on the positive things I am grateful for in my little art business. So what am I thankful for?

  1. My growing creative community…bloggers, creatives, and artists whom I have met through social media and namely, instagram…which I love! A feast for the eyes! You can follow me under @marygasparart 🙂
  2. My creative friends whom I have known for years and years. I rely on their insight and support and love watching them grow their own creative businesses. They are truly inspiring.
  3. Commissions! Yay for commissions! While it doesn’t always sound ideal to have to put aside what you’re working on to create someone else’s vision, let’s face it…it’s money. Plus, it is often the constraints of a client’s color palette, subject matter or time limit that foster real growth and creativity in my work.
  4. This 365 sketch a day project for getting me through these days when I feel less than inspired to put pen to paper or spark a new idea.

My sketches are really all over the place in terms of both content and style. I have been thinking about this a lot and while I’d like to have some signature that “says” what  I do, I don’t want to force anything. I never plan out these sketches, and simply let what comes to my mind happen. It is a grand exploration of subconscious ideas as well as an exercise in commitment, practice and technique. Here they are in no particular order rounding out February. And with that Happy March everyone!