Peony Commission

My latest painting was commissioned by a collector for her dining room in the Andersonville neighborhood in Chicago. She loves peonies and wanted something large and dramatic to fill the space above her buffet. Initially she wanted a mural but decided a canvas would be more practical and portable if she ever moved.We decided on a square, 36 x 36 inch canvas. I have been loving painting flowers on blacks and navies, so we decided on peaches and pink peonies on a rich navy color. I really love this color palette and hope to use it again soon…SO fresh! She gave me a photograph of two flowers snapped on her iphone. I used this for reference.


Peony canvas
Spacially mapping out my canvas…you’ll see I end up with WAY less flowers.

Painting the navy

Adding pink

More detailing
Adding highlights and cleaning up the background.


Adding a flower
I added a few budding flowers to balance the bouquet.


The finished painting, Peonies, 36 x 36, acrylic on canvas

My client was completely elated upon seeing the finished piece. We installed it on Monday and now her dining room is dramatic and dinner party worthy.

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