February Sketching

This month began on a very somber note as the great actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, passed away on February 2nd. Through all of my acting years in school and beyond, he was always my favorite. An incredibly versatile and grounded actor, who was a force in both the film and theatre world. And although I never knew him personally, I was incredibly saddened by his death. May his creative spirit live on in the roles he played and in the beautiful family he leaves behind.

February has pressed on to be quite a busy month for me artistically and I am finding myself incredibly inspired right now. This inspiration has led to work being created and sold…to new commissions and a whole plethora of ideas! I also mailed off my post card to Florida for this year’s Twitter Art Exhibit. This is my second year participating. Each year this international exhibit’s sales benefits a different charitable cause, this year’s being the Special Needs Classes at The Center for Contemporary Dance in Orlando. It has been great connecting with other artists and raising money for good causes. My postcard sized art this year is “Pollinate”, a geometric inspired piece done in ink and marker.


You can follow me on instagram to see my 365 Sketch A Day Project daily. Also check out The Artsy Forager’s instagram project, “Artsy Defined” and follow along to meet other creatives and get inspired!

Here are the first 10 days of February sketching…

tulips PeonySketch-2 GuitarSketch-2 GirlWTude-2 FannSketch-2 CarryMeAwaySketch-2 BWTulipSketch-2 BigLadySketch-2 ArrowSketch-2PSHsketch

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