Sketch 365-January Wrap Up

So January…was a month to remember! Or forget. No just kidding. It WAS marked by lots and LOTS of snow in Chicago, flu ridden children and husband, and many a day stuck indoors. Good thing I love being at home stuck in a snowstorm with candles, food cooking and music playing….

I got some new pens and markers this week so there is some color in this next bunch of sketches. Here is the last of January 2014. What. A. Month.

DerekSketch TriangleGuy Juliet SwimLessons Create MarkerMonster Diamond DoodleTeardrop MidnightSketch SwirlyDoodle

2 thoughts on “Sketch 365-January Wrap Up

    1. Thank you Frances. Yes, I think sometimes I’m all over the place with subject matter! I’m happy, though, to try stuff and challenge myself. Plus it serves as a journal for whatever happened that day whether for real or in my head lol!

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