More January 365 Sketches

So the sketching has continued uninterrupted with a trip thrown in the mix! That may explain the lack of color in this next crop. I didn’t have as much alone time to sit and leisurely draw and didn’t want to cut into visiting with extended family.

We visited my husband’s fam in North Reading, Massachusetts…a quaint suburb of Boston. They are of Portuguese descent, which you may see reflected in some of my sketch choices. Hydrangeas, for instance, grow wild all over the Açores, Portugal (where his folks are from). Also the Biscoitos drawing…his Vavó (grandmother) taught me to make these delicious biscuit/cookies years ago and they have now become a baking tradition in our household.

I originally started this sketch-a-day project to be a journal of sorts. I can look back at that day and say, “Oh I went swimming with my kids,” etc. And while I haven’t, necessarily, been as good at putting the exact date on each sketch (something I plan to remedy), I have been good at A. Doing it! and B. Posting it. You can follow along on instagram by following me at marygasparart! So here is January 12th through January 21st, 2014….

Inspired by Downton Abbey with all its antique, nook and cranny glory


‘Nuff said I think. 😉
Daisy…my inlaw’s one eyed shitzu. She’s a little spunky doll.
Sketchy Leopard Print
From an old photograph of my husband as a baby


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