Welcome 2014!

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Two resolutions I am making for my Art this year are to do a 365 day project and to keep a daily art journal. My 365 project is to draw a sketch a day. No boundaries here…whatever I want to draw! And if paint, multi media or pastels get involved then so be it and all the better! This project is an exercise in sustaining a daily art habit as well as working on technique and building a portfolio of ideas to draw from-pun intended;)

Day One: The tree outside my window on this winter wonderland of a New Years Day in Chicago.

I have been longing to return to regular journaling for a while now. When I saw this beauty at Anthropologie…I knew I had to have her!


New Year, new beautiful journal to fill! This one will be mostly for art related things but art and life are all kind of rolled up in one for me anyways. Here’s to an inspiring and prolific year of art and expression-whatever that may be for you! What are your resolutions/projects/dreams for 2014?

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