Street Art via the Açores, Portugal!

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Hello! I have been MIA from my little blog as I have been spending the summer squeezing every last inch out of family time with my hubby and kids before school starts. Kindergarten and preschool…big changes in our house come this fall. Oh, wait that’s 2 weeks away!? Yipes!

Anyways, spent most of July traveling and where oh where? The lovely, gorgeous island of São Miguel in the Açores, Portugal. I know. Amazeballs. I have soooo many awesome pics to share but because this is primarily my ART blog I wanted to share this….


Flippin’ ridonk! Riiiiight?! This is a store front in Ponta Delgada, the capitol of the Açores. It is by far, the most cosmopolitan part of São Miguel, conveying both a bustling city vibe and a nod to the trends of today. This painting stopped me in my tracks. It wraps around the building through an alley on the left of this picture. It was done as part of a commission by the Açores to bring incredible art to the streets. This beauty was created by the amazing ARM COLLECTIVE. Check out their facebook page here.

Their work is unreal. Arm Collective is made up of the duo, RAM (Miguel Caeiro from Sintra, Portugal) and MAR (Gonçalo Ribeiro from Seixal, Portugal). They have done work on both government and abandoned buildings all over Portugal and the Açores.


Whale DetailI mean Whaaaaa???? The street art on the island is incredible! I friggin’ loved this trip. For so many reasons. But I found it extremely appropriate that the street art (one of my main influences in my own art) would be THAT sick. AWESOME.


This little guy sat left of the whale (harpooned and strapped with a house on her back). He is simply saying “Avo?” which translates to “Grandmother” in Portuguese.

Leaving you with some more street art from São Miguel…found by a dumpster(?!) near a restaurant in Lagoa on mine and my hubby’s date night.