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Been itching to draw portraits. Funny thing too. As I was sketching last night I was lucky enough to catch this HBO documentary on the French graffiti artist, JR. Check him out here,  Amazing work. He started this international project, Inside Out , where he encourages people to send him photographs of themselves or others (portraits) and use them to create their own statement. He will print them large scale for free and send them back to be pasted on the walls of public places. Something like 135,000 people from 98 different countries participated and continue to do so. They are making art and creating a discussion on all sorts of issues from the earthquake devastated ghettos of Haiti to the post-revolution streets of Tunisia. Simply inspiring.

I have an idea and a blank canvas in front of me. Here are a few of my sketches from last night.


JOAN Beesunsketch-2

2 thoughts on “Sketches

  1. I like the second one a lot. But they are all cool. Your face may be immortalized en Paris! Or somewhere else just as cool!

  2. Love your sketches. As a photographer, I’m not always entirely comfortable in front of the camera. This would be a good exercise for me. Stretching — as well as sketching — is a good thing.

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