Throwback Time

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Spring is upon us in Chicago (hooray!) and we just got back from Mom and Dad’s lovely Easter brunch. 
Our contribution was homemade waffles and our simple maple syrup bacon that is featured in the post, Saturday Morning Breakfast 
I just upgraded to a digital SLR camera for taking better photos of my art…the Nikon 3100. As my sim card just arrived yesterday I am in full test mode. Taking pictures galore trying to figure out how it all works. Waiting on the tripod, which should arrive tomorrow. This is necessary for taking crystal clear shots of my paintings.
In the meanwhile I thought I’d share some art pictures taken at Mom and Dad’s today…my first attempts with this camera. 
Their beautiful house is home to many paintings of mine from back in the day. Some as far back as high school! As you will see I was working much more figuratively back then.
 Throwback time…
Painted sophomore year of high school. I never did finish the hands!
 I painted this from an old photograph of my father and my sister. It is an oil on canvas. One of the last oils I did. After this painting I switched over to acrylics…something to do with babies crawling in the house and length of drying time.

This was done with watercolor pencils back in high school. 
Self Portait. I believe I painted this in 2003.
Watercolor of fellow classmate in high school.
A painting of my daughter and my mother.

This is my very first painting I did when I was 14 years old. It is based on a photograph of my sister taken at my grandparent’s farm, circa 1977.

I am so looking forward to getting this tripod and…
Prints are coming to my Etsy Shop! First prints will be of Wanderlust,
And some super exciting news about my art to be revealed soon! So stay tuned…
Thanks for going back in time a bit courtesy of Mom and Dad’s private collection 😉
Happy Easter!