Art With Heart

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The girls and I have spent a week of baking cookies, breads, cupcakes and crafting in anticipation for today’s loveliness. Last Friday we dressed up our front door with a little V-Day flare…a lovely fabric heart which you can see here!
When thinking about what I wanted to write about this week, it occurred to me that since the heart is the universal symbol of Valentine’s Day and I am a painter I should share this with you…
I love it when there is one signature thing an artist does in every painting. Mine has always been that I try to incorporate hearts in many of my pieces. In some they are more plentiful and more obvious than others. Perhaps it’s my passionate nature or love of all things whimsical…but the heart symbol I love.
So here we go!
Anonymous Heart

Hello Deer

The Strummer

The Three Mares

Angel in the Middle

The Catch
Quickly Now


Jungle Babies

Reindeer Solstice

The Clown

Zoo Baby
Twinkle in My Eye

The Key



Loving Cup
Did you find them all? 😉
 Happy Valentine’s Day Lovelies!